Welcome to Liberland, my new homeland. Discover with this short video what this new country is about, virtual but also real. What is still a utopia, a land where individual freedom is sacred, has a very simple moto : “to live and let live”.

I have the great honor to be the Liberland representant in Mauritius. This mission involves making my counterparts and interlocutors aware of the existence of the country and of the principles that govern it.

I am also participating in the elaboration of the constitution, which is guided by a simple principle : citizens have the right to do everything except what is precisely forbidden by Liberland constitution and laws, and government has no right to do anything except what is precisely authorized by Liberland constitution and laws.

I’m happy to answer any of your questions and guide you if you wish to get involved. You may become an e-resident or a citizen, and even incorporate your company in Liberland.

Contact me to know more.