Cryptoparadise Consulting helps you settle down in Mauritius. We take care of :

  • All residence permits
  • All company structures or business structures
  • All questions regarding taxation
  • All questions regarding your existing country departure
  • All questions regarding how to manage your business in or from Mauritius

Here are all the steps included in our offers (self employed, investor, or retired). The fees don’t include government costs (roughly 1000$ for the main holder, 400$ for his/her dependents), and 150$ per person for medical exam.

1. Telephone and email exchanges to answer all your questions. Check all details for a meeting with me by clicking here. By choosing the 200€ for one hour meeting with me about Mauritius (click here), you’ll be able to reduce the price by this amount should you choose one of my offers.

2. Once your decision is made, implementation of a shared drive for collection of all necessary documents and first downpayment of 30% has to be made.

3. Personalized support for document collection, especially for the business plan and financial statements (unnecessary for retired).

4. Once all documents are complete, 2nd downpayment of 50% has to be made and application is then deposited at EDB who will deal with it.

5. Follow up on EDB’s demands, until their approval in principle.

6. Once approved, last downpayment of 20% is due and we organize new resident venue in Mauritius.

7. Upon arrival in Mauritius, opening of local bank account, obtention of the proof of funds transfer, medical visits, registration of the business at the registrar of companies, and payment of administrative fees to EDB.

8. Meeting at EDB to present all original documents and obtain the residence card.

  • SELF EMPLOYED permit

    Permit for the solo entrepreneur : 1900€

    The ideal permit for the individual entrepreneur

    • => You work solo and Mauritius is your base (you may hire an assistant)
    • => 35.000$ as a fund deposit (in a local Mauritian bank)
    • => Minimum 800.000 Rs annual turnover after 3 years (about 16.000€)
    • => Business registration at the registrar of companies
    • => Simplified accountancy (you receive an excel sheet that allows you to do it yourself)
    • => Add 400€ for all your dependents (partner of opposite sex, children, or parents)
  • Retired permit

    Permit for the retired or annuitants : 1.200€

    The ideal permit for retired or annuitants

    • => You must be 50 years old minimum
    • => 1,500$ monthly income (or 18,000$ annual) on a Mauritian bank account
    • => No income tax in Mauritius
    • => Add 400€ for all your dependents (partner of opposite sex, children, or parents)

    Retired permit

  • INVESTOR permit

    Invest and create a company in Mauritius : 2.600€

    The permit for the one wanting to create a company in Mauritius

    • => You plan to create a company in Mauritius (with possibility of hiring personal)
    • => 50,000$ deposit in a Mauritian bank account
    • => Minimum 4 Million Rs annual turnover after 3 years (about 80,000€)
    • => Includes creation of the domestic company
    • => Add 400€ for all your dependents (partner of opposite sex, children, or parents)