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As it is best to heal the cause of an illness instead of its symptoms, looking for the roots of the monetary system’s problems is necessary to understand its failures. And for anyone who studies it, it appears for what it is : a Ponzi scheme (ie a fraud). After studying it a lot, I am now certain that it is the main cause of all world’s turmoil. Instead of applying patches, it is preferable to just change it. The good news is that a new digital era is rising, thanks to Bitcoin and the crypto-revolution. Today it is already possible to build your wealth outside of the banking system and achieve your financial freedom. And it is most probably less risky than what you would think ! I’m here to show you how.

Check my trainings, how to save outside of the banking system, how to expatriate in Mauritius, or how to become a resident or a citizen of a country where freedom is the ultimate value : Liberland !

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